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Process of
Brand Identity Design

Branding Process

Brand Strategy

Developing a cohesive brand identity that accurately reflects the mission and values of the organization, distinguishing the characteristics from competitors, and building trust and credibility with the audience.

▶RESEARCH / competitors, market, and audience research
▶ BRAND CORE / purpose, vision, values
▶ BRAND POSITIONING / audience, market, goals
▶ BRAND PERSONA / personality, voice


Brand Inspiration

Branding Process

▶ MOODBOARD / collages of visuals refining desired brand style

Branding Process



▶ LOGO DESIGN / primary and secondary logos, submark

▶ REVISIONS / 2 rounds of revisions of the chosen concept to refine the details

▶ BRANDING ELEMENTS / typeface, color palette, vector elements, icons, layouts

▶BRAND GUIDE / defining colour palette, logo use and missuse, font, visual style
▶ BUSINESS CARD DESIGN / 2 different layouts
▶ SOCIAL MEDIA TEMPLATES / 3 Canva or Photoshop templates
▶ WEBSITE ASSETS / website banners, icons

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Soft Dots

Creating distinctive designs that align with your values and elevate your brand

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